Sarah Medrys, MSW, LCSW

Sarah MedrysSarah is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Illinois. She has a Masters from University of Chicago Jane Adams School of Social Work as well as a B.A. in Psychology from Taylor University.

She began her professional career by implementing the first Social Services Unit at Palatine Police Department. She focused on two major areas: First, crisis intervention in a broad continuum of areas including domestic violence, sexual assault, child abuse, court advocacy, runaways, suicide, missing people, and many other traumatizing events. Secondly, she provided individual, marital, and family counseling for issues including addiction, abuse, trauma, and juvenile delinquency behavior.

Sarah's professional experience at White Stone includes work with Individuals, Marriage and Families, First Responders, Child and Adolescent Therapy, Coaching Parenting Skills, Child/Parenting Challenges, Working with People with Disabilities and their Families, Grief and Loss, Spiritual Issues, Depression and Anxiety, Conflict Resolution, Blended Family Dynamics, Women's Issues, Domestic Violence, Abuse Recovery, and Pre-Marital Counseling.

Sarah works with ages 10 and older.

She has volunteered extensively in churches, coaching and mentoring women of all ages in issues such as family, personal relationships, spiritual growth, church conflict, and prayer.

Sarah engages counseling from a Christian perspective. She believes God wants to bring healing to any area that holds one back from experiencing life to the full and reflecting God's glory the way they are meant to. Her desire is to help others find freedom from thoughts, behaviors, and wounds that prohibit them from experiencing the joy, peace, and contentment that God promises. She considers it a joy and privilege to walk alongside those desiring to heal.

Sarah is married and has three teenagers and one married son.

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