Statement Against Racism

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We at White Stone Resources Ltd. stand firmly against all racism in our country and world. We are a ministry devoted to reconciliation and restoration of individual lives, marriages, families, and relationships. We believe every human being is made in the image of our Creator and all thoughts, words, and actions toward others are to enhance the image of the Creator in them. We believe God designed each human being with infinite value and worth and He has a distinct meaning and purpose for their life. It is from this context that we interact with every person brought by God into our care.

While we have strived to be a culturally inclusive and diverse organization, we understand there is always more that can be done. We work to listen, learn, and take initiatives to foster justice, support, and equity that fully reflects God's value of every human no matter their race or cultural heritage. We commit to moving forward with the following actions and discussions to make this possible.

  • Every current White Stone staff member will obtain AACC Continuing Education credits or other AACC training in the areas of racial diversity and racial reconciliation.
  • All future staff members will obtain AACC training in racial diversity and racial reconciliation within the first six months of employment.
  • White Stone will devote time during a Staff Meeting each year to review and discuss these topics and practices.
  • White Stone staff are encouraged to read books and research articles on these topics to stimulate discussion and individual growth.

We pray that God would help each of us as we strive to honor Him as His instruments of mercy, grace, peace, and love to all.

The Staff of White Stone Resources Ltd.

"God should make our faces radiant and patient for all the sordid care of others. Our love but makes a more sure haven of rest for multitudes of strained and stressed lives. From our love should spring great patience and gentleness."

 — Oswald Chambers